About Me

Hey there, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Pause for just a moment and ask yourself, “Am I satisfied right where I am with my life, my faith, and how I see myself, or do I want more?”

You know the answer. You want more.  Of course you do. You have to…because you were made for more!

And you know I’m not talking about a blasé kind of dissatisfaction with how things are going–I’m talking about a deep longing to thrive; to live and function and embrace life as God intended when he created us.

I’m here to tell you that that kind of life is available to you!

But it isn’t going to be handed over for you to receive passively, you have to want to pursue it, and you have to be willing to do what it takes to get what you really want.


If you are ready for more and ready to do what it takes, you are in the right place!

“Whoa—hold on!” you might say, “I already have so much on my plate! Half the time I am worn out from meeting the needs of my family, my friends, my church…I can’t imagine pushing hard for something else!”

This isn’t about more striving, I promise.

I’m talking about a focused, one-step-at-a time pursuit, a joyful one, into more and better. And this is not a journey you take alone. I’ve been there (I am there!) and I’m going with you.

When you’re traveling someplace new, often the best person to have with you isn’t a professional tour guide, but a friend who’s been there before and has seen some of the sights you want to see. She knows the right kinds of places to take you to, and she’s bubbling over with excitement to show you what she knows.

That’s me. I’m Michelle.

I’ve been married to my best friend and college sweetheart for twenty-six years and counting, and together we have five beautifully diverse children. Each of them was yearned for, waited for, loved before they even found their way into our family, and they are loved even more now, as they wrestle with becoming all they were destined to be.

Four of our children were adopted internationally, and I have worked with hundreds of orphaned children in Uganda as the USA coordinator of a child sponsorship program I created within the framework of a wonderful children’s home, Kampala Children’s Centre.

Destiny Bridge Academy

Through these experiences, I began to see how my own thought processes (and I think many others’) were similar to that of actual orphans. The Lord then began outlining steps for me that would not only heal my children’s orphan hearts, but my own. I personally have experienced so much healing and freedom, I want to help others experience it too.

Along with that, I have mentored many young adults through challenging seasons and occasions of healing, having the privilege to celebrate significant victories and freedom with them. I hold a B.S. in Education and have received formal training in biblical theology, leadership, mentoring, and inner healing. I am also pursuing ICF certification and accreditation of my practice as a life and leadership coach.

More importantly, I am a lover of people, relationships, and Jesus, and the fascinating thread that holds them all together.

I believe healthy relationships can ultimately fix all the world’s problems, because healthy, thriving relationships change people, families, communities, and nations. I think cultivating and living out those good relationships with each other and with God should be our primary goal on this earth. If we get it right, or mostly right, we will have done a whole lot of good. And it takes love, honesty, humility, respect, gratitude, and vulnerability in order for that to happen.

That’s why I’m here, and I’m glad you’re here too. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s build relationship, go deep, inspire and be inspired, and pursue the One who teaches us how to love.

Again, welcome.


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