Healthy Diversions


Exercise/take a walk, take a drive, go to a movie, paint yournails/toenails, listen to your favorite song/music, go through photos of something that makes you happy, get yourself a fancy coffee or tea, get dressed up and go out to lunch/dinner, work on a hobby, go to or watch a sporting event, take a short nap (followed by doing something productive), take a bubble bath, read a fun magazine or book, do some gardening, pick or buy yourself some flowers, worship (sing and dance!), seek out Scripture and/or great books on faith to encourage your spirit.


Serve Others:

Give a young mother or couple a few hours of rest by babysitting for them, cook a meal for someone who needs a break, write a note of encouragement to someone you admire, bake your spouse’s or child’s favorite dessert, hand-make a little gift to give someone you love, call a friend or relative you haven’t talked to in a while and focus on what they want to share, do something kind for a stranger, sign up to volunteer for an event or charitable organization (and keep your commitment!), invite friends to dinner, put together a playlist of fun or encouraging music for someone else


Accomplish a Small Task:

Organize something–a drawer, a closet, a section of the basement or attic, fix something that is broken, clean the refrigerator (or anything else!), go grocery shopping, clean your car, plan out meals for the next few days, finish a task for work that is still undone