Life and Leadership Coaching

How can I think deeper? How do I dream bigger? What if I could actually learn how to thrive?

Maybe you know the answer to those questions but can’t seem to make it happen, or maybe you’re longing to figure out what it is that drives you so that you can experience more out of life.

Or perhaps some of these scenarios sound more like you:

  • “There’s so much I want to do, but I just don’t know where to start!”
  • “I need help prioritizing all the different pieces of my life.”
  • “I’m sensing God’s call on my life and don’t know how to move forward.”
  • “I have changes coming up (or I need to make changes) and I need help navigating them.”
  • “I want to be a better leader and need help charting the course to achieve my goals.”

I Can Help You Get There.

I can help you get there because my passion is to help other Christians tap into their identity and their God-given potential, and then partner with them to create vision and success. I work with people who are ready to break their ties with ordinary and pursue the extraordinary they were made for!

Life Leadership Coaching

So…what if you could not only live better and lead better, but actually begin to THRIVE?


If you are silently nodding your head, or you feel your heart beating a little faster, or are experiencing that nudge from the Holy Spirit, keep reading as I explain what I do and who I am. Then you can begin considering whether this path is the right one for you.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is time set apart to focus on you, your dreams, and your goals. It’s time spent discovering who you are, what motivates you, what obstacles may be standing in your way, and the ways you might remove them. It is a structured, organized approach that leaves room for contemplation and dreaming. Most of all, it is an action-oriented approach, complete with resources, tools, and accountability to keep you moving forward. Life coaching is a dynamic partnership that helps you:

  • discover your purpose
  • put your strengths to use
  • step into new possibilities
  • zero in on next steps
  • make confident decisions
  • realize your dreams and reach your goals

Coaching equips and empowers you to discover the kind of life you were meant for, to embrace it wholeheartedly, and to thrive.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching has some overlap with individual life coaching, in that we focus on you (the leader) as a person, and not just on the role. Beyond that, it’s discovering ways to strengthen your leadership abilities, create a healthier and more productive culture within your team, improve overall performance, and experience deeper satisfaction in your role and your mission.

Leadership coaching equips and empowers you to confidently lead others by example into the higher and better places you’ve dreamed of going as a team.

How Will I Be Coached?

I offer 3 basic coaching settings:

  1. By Phone-60 minute sessions
  2. Over Skype-60 minute sessions
  3. Face-to-Face 60-90 minute sessions in my home office (CT only)

How Often Should I Receive Coaching?

Depending on your goals, coaching can be scheduled weekly or biweekly. You should allow a realistic timeframe for achieving those goals; however, it is not necessary to make a commitment for a specific length of time unless that is what you desire. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages at a 10% discount.

Who Are You, Anyway?


My name is Michelle Wuesthoff and I am a Life and Leadership Coach. I’ve received formal training in education, leadership, biblical theology, and coaching. I have guided and mentored many young people toward success, and spent five years working with orphaned children and their communities in Uganda. Those experiences ignited a passion in me to encourage people, in a ministry context, to pursue emotional healing and wholeness. I blog weekly here on similar topics (particularly on identity) and guest blog occasionally on other sites. I have received excellent life coaching myself, and that experience inspired me to write a book (awaiting publication) and to pursue my own certification in coaching. My deep faith in God and personal experience of his life-changing power has led me to choose a Christian approach as the foundation of my coaching practice.

I live in Bristol, CT, and I have been happily married to my husband for 27 years. Together we have five children, four of whom we have adopted internationally. In my (extremely limited) spare time, I like to paint, to decorate and to travel.

Here are some things people who have worked with me are saying:


“Michelle is a passionate and authentic leader who comes alongside others to expand their understandings of who they are, where they’re going, and ultimately find their destiny.” Bob Switzer, Pastor, Faith Worship Center, Pepperell, MA


“I’ve known Michelle for many years and had the privilege to work with her as a life coach. Her passion for growth, heart for healing, and love for God is at the center of all that motivates her. Michelle approaches everything with great care, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. In my interactions with her, she always expressed a desire for sharing her personal journey in ways that would inspire and encourage others to find their own breakthroughs. Michelle’s gift of writing, creating, and expressing God’s personal love for each of us comes through in her honesty and vulnerability.” Alecia Davidson, Certified Professional Life Coach at Wellness Bursts, New Britain, CT


“Michelle has had a great impact on my life. She is very trustworthy and I know that our conversations are kept confidential. She is honest in her advice and guidance regardless of how difficult it may be to hear. Michelle has guided me through many difficult circumstances. She has guided me through my education by asking tough questions and helping me see which path I should take to achieve my goals in school; in relationships, she has challenged me to realize what I want and to not settle for less. It is because of Michelle’s influence that I have gained self-esteem and walk through life proudly, knowing that I am who God wants me to be. Am so proud to call her a mentor in my life and the truth is I don’t know how I would be without her guidance and care. Thank you so much Michelle, I will always live to remember you.” —Joseph Kawuki, Legal Assistant, Kampala, Uganda


“Michelle is a woman I have admired from the day I met her. Not only does she give sound and wise advice, she helps you fight the battles. Her prayers and words over my life have encouraged my husband and I through difficult disappointments, and uplifted us in our wedding ceremony. We know our relationship would not be as healthy or loving without her.” Grace Kuznetsov, Human Resources Director, Iowa City, Iowa


“My biggest problem in life was trusting and loving. I used to hate everyone, including myself, because the circumstances under which I grew up were tough. I was an orphan. I was not loved, I was not cared for until I met a wonderful family and the person whom I call my mother today, who taught me how to trust and how to love. Its not easy to trust someone of a different culture, different language, and different race. It takes a brave heart and leap of faith to love and trust, but Michelle Wuesthoff introduced me to a new world I was only dreaming about. Teaching me how to trust, teaching me how to love myself and others, teaching me how to listen. My life has changed completely and all the joy and achievements I have today is because of her and her family. I pray that God continues blessing them with that big caring and loving heart so that their care and love can reach out to other people who need it most.”
Remigious Tebajjwa, Database Administrator, Kigali, Rwanda

So…Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?  (even if the next step is just to ask some questions?)

Life Leadership Coaching

Reach out. Send me an email with the contact form below if that feels like the right next thing. Or give me a call! (860.539.0614) I’d prefer not to text for our first conversation, but I’d love to talk to you. You can ask questions, I’ll ask some questions, and together, we’ll figure out whether coaching with me is the right next step for YOU.

Looking forward to see where your passion will lead!










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