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Welcome! We have all been there, if we’re honest: the point at which we wish there was a ‘do-over’ button we could just push and get a clean slate–a reset–on life. Maybe it’s due to an unforeseen or tragic event; maybe you’ve experienced deep disappointment or seem to be making the same mistakes again and again. Maybe you just feel stuck in a rut. Whatever the cause, many of us crave a fresh start and a new beginning.


The good news is that there is a way to begin again…every day, if necessary!  Jesus sets the standard and points the way towards a life of freedom, wholeness, joy, and adventure. It’s the kind of life that is to be embraced and celebrated, and it is available to you and to me for the taking!

Does that sound compelling to you?  Or do your doubts and fears echo Jack Nicholson’s famous quote from the 1997 movie:

What if this is as good as it gets?

Though the Bible calls us to be content in all things, it does not imply that we should settle for anything less than all that God desires for us!  We can live a life in which:

  •  fear no longer holds us back from trying new things, from exercising real steps of faith, or doing what it takes to realize our dreams and goals
  • we can operate in true Godly confidence and humility because we know who we are and where we stand
  •  we are not bound by our pasts, we can embrace (even enjoy!) our present, and can honestly look forward to our future
  • we can experience satisfying, deep, and healthy relationships with those around us

If This Sounds Like You, You Are Not Alone

I have longed for these things my whole life and have never really been able to hang onto them for any length of time–it has always seemed like grasping at something just out of reach.

Until recently.

Following a series of devastating losses and a colossal identity crisis, I knew I needed an extreme identity makeover. I realized I had built my identity on a weak foundation, and the only way to rebuild was to tear it down and begin again.

In His mercy and kindness, the Lord took me step by step through a process of reshaping my identity from one of an orphan into one of a chosen child, fully adopted and accepted by my loving Father. And though I’ve hardly arrived at some ‘ultimate’ level of wholeness, I have begun to really live and thrive in the freedom, wholeness, and joy I know He desires for each of us.

If you’re like me, you know you were made for more…and you’re ready to hit that do-over button.


My Goal in Writing This Blog…

To inspire and encourage you to go deeper with the Lord and grab hold of what He offers you. I want to help you activate your identity in Him so it dramatically influences your life and the lives of those around you.

If you’re new to my site, I want to welcome you sincerely. Let’s go deep together on our journey to lead our hearts to the Father, and explore what it means to be a true son or daughter.

Now, Where to Start?

  • Read my latest blog post, or start at the beginning and work your way forward–it’s up to you!
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Looking For Someone to Help You Pursue Your Passions and Goals?

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A Couple of Last Things…

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And Finally…

It does not matter whether you are new to the faith or a life-long follower of Christ, it is never to late for an extreme identity makeover!

embrace your true identity and thrive.

Let’s get started.

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