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My Real-life, Mid-life (Mom) Crisis

When I was a kid, I thought a mid-life crisis meant you bought a sports car because you felt bad about getting old. I also thought it was a guy thing — an old guy thing. Yet here I am, proving myself wrong: a 50-year-old mom with no sports car on the horizon,...

My Real-life, Mid-life Mom Crisis

Fear of Failure: How to Kick It to the Curb

I’ve been quiet on the writing front lately, and it’s only due in part to busyness. Over the past year or so, I’ve written plenty on fear—I’ve delved into my own personal fears and explored ones that many of us face. And I’ve had considerable victory over fear (if...

Fear of Failure: How to Kick It to the Curb

Why I Need the Beach

Anyone who knows me, even if they’ve only known me for a short while, can probably tell you that I love the beach. I always have.   It isn’t that I’m a sun-worshiper, seeking the perfect golden glow. It’s not that I love to be in the ocean, swimming or enjoying...

Why I Need the Beach

Adoption, Faith, and Radical Obedience

“Those children are yours.” I stood, somewhat frozen, with terrified assurance that it was God speaking to me. I had hiked nearly an hour up a steep jungle hill to reach the clearing where two little children and their dilapidated mud hut stood. They weren’t...

Adoption, Faith, and Radical Obedience

Desperate to Belong: Confessions of a Former Insider

I have a confession to make.  After going through all of my school years as the nerdy, prudish, goody-two-shoes type of kid nobody really liked, I finally became one of the 'popular girls.' At church.  That was never my goal, but it happened. I met this incredible...


This is Why the Hero’s Journey is Your Journey

Everybody loves a good adventure story. Think of one you know and love right now. Maybe it's Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars. Or Braveheart. Huckleberry Finn. Lord of the Rings. Back to the Future. If you want to see a lively debate break out, ask a group of...