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BTS, Pandemics, & the Loss of My Soulmate

I’m going to try really hard to not make this a stream of consciousness type of thing, but this whole pandemic/quarantine/epic-world-crisis situation is sending my emotions into overdrive. I’m feeling all the feels pretty much every day, but my biggest recurring...


The Journey Through Grief (The Healing Power of Letting Go)

You might want to keep scrolling if you don’t want real and raw, because that’s where I am right now, writing this piece. There is a certain, maddening pain when someone or something you love is ripped away from you, but it’s when you finally concede and let go...

Whatever You’re Facing Now…Joy is Coming

Yesterday, my son got married. We all sat outside on a beautiful autumn day, watching the colored leaves fall like confetti behind him and his bride as they exchanged their vows. Every real-life detail seemed to have emerged from a fairy tale story. It was the kind...

Whatever You're Facing Now…Joy is Coming

The Reason I Choose Grief

Another loss today. Not the death of a person, but it's a death nonetheless. For someone like me, one for whom everything that matters is also a matter of the heart, losses are crushing. And they don't play fair. They stir up the unresolved grief and pain of...