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Why I’m Choosing to Let Go of My Dreams

Most people who know me probably would recognize me as somewhat of a dreamer. Creative, a little bit visionary, not terribly optimistic all the time, but definitely a hopeless romantic. I live for the happy ending, and my dreams often conjure up all sorts of...

Why I'm Choosing to Let Go of My Dreams

An Open Letter of Encouragement (To Myself)

How many of you out there could use a little encouragement right now? Who's your go-to when you need it? There are many sources we could (or should) turn to when our hearts could use a lift. Like your friends, your family members, your spouse. And the Lord, of...

How to Find a Hope That Won’t Disappoint You

The subject of hope has come up more than a few times this week, which usually leads me to believe God is up to something. Well, of course he's up to something...he's God. Anyway, hope is an emotionally-charged word for some people. It has been for me. I've had a...