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Why I’m Choosing to Let Go of My Dreams

Most people who know me probably would recognize me as somewhat of a dreamer. Creative, a little bit visionary, not terribly optimistic all the time, but definitely a hopeless romantic. I live for the happy ending, and my dreams often conjure up all sorts of...

Why I'm Choosing to Let Go of My Dreams

No Offense, But You Offend Me

Ever hear someone start off their sentence with, "No offense, but..." and you KNOW they're about to say something offensive next? It's a common opening line for a person who's already offended at you, armed and ready to drop some judgmental truth bomb. And before...


3 Sneaky Things That (Secretly) Become Idols

"I worship idols." Now there's a sentence I never thought I would utter. Yet, it's true--I do. It's probably true for all of us most of the time. I'm not suggesting that I have little statues I bow down to, or good luck charms in my pocket. I love Jesus, and I live...


Dear God: I Love You But I’m Busy

If this title were an anthem, I'd be singing that song all day. I don't know about you, but most days I am so busy I hardly stop long enough just to catch my breath. At any given time, I am juggling working, studying, housekeeping, kid-raising, taxi-driving,...


The Reason I Choose Grief

Another loss today. Not the death of a person, but it's a death nonetheless. For someone like me, one for whom everything that matters is also a matter of the heart, losses are crushing. And they don't play fair. They stir up the unresolved grief and pain of...


4 Chambers of the Orphan Heart

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘orphan?’ A waifish, poverty-stricken child like in Oliver Twist? Or maybe it’s the sad, pleading eyes of a hungry little one in a far away country. What about that face looking back at you in the mirror? Could you have the...

4 Chambers of the Orphan Heart