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6 Ways You Can Love Better Starting TODAY

Love. According to God, Author and Creator of all things, love is pretty important. In fact, it's actually number one on his list. It is the motivator behind all he does and says. And as we are called to imitate him, love must be in and through all our words and...


4 Chambers of the Orphan Heart

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘orphan?’ A waifish, poverty-stricken child like in Oliver Twist? Or maybe it’s the sad, pleading eyes of a hungry little one in a far away country. What about that face looking back at you in the mirror? Could you have the...

4 Chambers of the Orphan Heart

3 Reasons Why You Should Examine Your Lens

No one sees the world the way you do. It’s as unique as your DNA, and probably even more so, because your unique point of view also evolves and shifts according to an endless array of variables and experiences. Perspective is grander in scope than opinion. It is...