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Five Ways to Recapture Your Joy

If you ever want to see what joy looks like, watch the face of a small child as you first blow bubbles for them. You can see their happiness, fascination, and wonder, and the all-too-fleeting contentment they experience as the first few float up and away. Eyes (and...

Five Ways to Recapture Your Joy

The Deepest Longing of Your Heart, Answered

What does your heart most need to hear right now? What do you wish the Father would whisper right into the depths of your being? Quiet yourself down for just a moment and search inside for the answer to those questions. Maybe what you’re longing for is right there...

Whatever You’re Facing Now…Joy is Coming

Yesterday, my son got married. We all sat outside on a beautiful autumn day, watching the colored leaves fall like confetti behind him and his bride as they exchanged their vows. Every real-life detail seemed to have emerged from a fairy tale story. It was the kind...

Whatever You're Facing Now…Joy is Coming