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Desperate to Belong: Confessions of a Former Insider

I have a confession to make.  After going through all of my school years as the nerdy, prudish, goody-two-shoes type of kid nobody really liked, I finally became one of the 'popular girls.' At church.  That was never my goal, but it happened. I met this incredible...


3 Lessons I Learned From Raising Teenagers

I've got four, count 'em, FOUR teenagers. Plus one who's graduated into early adulthood (and trust me, sometimes that still counts). They are all good kids, each one making us proud in so many ways. I love them all to pieces, but holy moly, this season can be...


Redwoods, Racism, and Christian Community

Last week, on the first day of my first visit to Northern California, I visited one of the famed redwood forests. It is difficult to describe the experience other than to list a few words that left a lasting imprint on my soul. Majesty. Peace. Stillness. Holiness....

Redwoods, Racism, Community

6 Ways You Can Love Better Starting TODAY

Love. According to God, Author and Creator of all things, love is pretty important. In fact, it's actually number one on his list. It is the motivator behind all he does and says. And as we are called to imitate him, love must be in and through all our words and...


3 Things Adoption Taught Me About Love

Every time my family goes somewhere all together, we end up causing a stir. One time during a road trip, we stopped at McDonald's for lunch, and I let my kids go first up to the counter. The five of them--two Asians, two Africans, and one skinny white kid--noisily...