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Creating a Culture of Honesty

I was at the gym today and noticed this headline on one of the national news channels: “Epidemic of Dishonesty.” It was referring to a commencement speech given by former New York governor, Michael Bloomberg (you can read the article here). Though he was...

Creating a Culture of Honesty

When Leaders Abuse, Your Response Matters

The subject at hand has been churning inside me at an ever-increasing speed and intensity. Every day brings to light another prominent leader who has done or said egregious things with little apparent remorse. One has to wonder if the Lord himself isn’t flushing...

Can We Handle the Truth?

A fire is burning in me, and I have to say that it’s an angry sort of fire. Outrage. Righteous indignation. Absolute horror and disgust at not only what has surfaced in the news lately, but the response to it by many fellow Christians. In the wake...