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Coffee with God: Prophetic Words of Intimacy, Beauty, and Love

Aug 10, 2017

I sat with my coffee and my book this first vacation morning in Northern California. We had been looking forward to this getaway for some time, and so far, it does not disappoint. We rented a little cottage on a farm, and were greeted at the break of dawn by every creature here on the property.

As my husband took a stroll around, I sat down to read, drinking bliss in between sips of coffee. I opened a book of essays by C.S. Lewis, and as I read the first few words on the page, I began to feel a stirring in my heart. There’s something about Lewis’ writing that makes the Father feel very near to me.

I looked up from the page and tears fell as He spoke:

You want to be near to me and for me to make myself ‘real’ to you.

 I tell you that everything you lay your hand upon I have made, and when you touch it, you touch me.

Everything you see before you I have made, and when you look upon them, you see me.

I am in all and through all.

 I am the beauty your spirit craves, and in me you shall be satisfied. Today, in part, and one day, you shall experience it in full.

And as the breaking sunlight began to pour like rain through the treetops, He continued:

I am the beauty in this world. I am in all and through all. Seek it, embrace it, for when you do, you seek and embrace me.

What you experience now—the hummingbirds darting through the trees, the calling birds across the meadow, the melodious sound of trickling water nearby—these things shall be magnified in my presence when we are face to face.

You will experience such joy, peace, contentment, and excitement that you will think your heart will not be able to withstand it all, but I will increase its capacity to receive.

One day, we shall sit together and have coffee, and talk, and laugh, and share. We will experience together what you love best.

 Beloved one, drink in the sunlight and bask in its warmth, knowing that I embrace you as you do.

 Do not allow yourself to feel you are far from me. I tell you the truth, that is not so.

 Pursue the greater things, and as you do, you will find me in greater measure.

 But do not neglect the lesser things that hide, in secret, the greater treasures to be found.

 Be vigilant, be diligent, be receptive, be ready.

 As the days seem to darken and be filled with trouble, still I will release heavenly things—kingdom strategies and weapons—that will break the darkness with light. But they will not look like weapons of war. Rather, they will be weapons of love, beauty, kindness, and mercy.

 These weapons will not be apparent to all, because I am looking for warriors who look like Jesus, who are willing to walk where he has walked, and to love like he has loved.

 Precious, chosen one, do not miss the opportunities I lay before you. Great is the eternal reward for those who walk in obedience.

 I am He, who is in all and through all.

 Breathless, troubled, and overjoyed I now sit, wondering what the day ahead will bring. I understand fully that the Lord will make good on what He promises, but I also understand that the things of God often come with a high price.

But any ambivalence or hesitation I might have melts away when I hear Him speak, especially like He did this morning.

That’s the thing about God. His presence, even through His words alone, fills the lack in us wherever it exists. He gives me what I need—not always what I think I need—but always, always He gives me the things I actually need.

The Father wants me to do things I cannot imagine. He sees me in places I cannot envision. He calls out of me the courage and passion He places within me in the first place. He thinks more highly of me than I think of myself. And that blows me away.